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Pharaoh is the Egyptian addition to Impressions Games' ancient city building series. Following a similar format to the other titles Caesar 3 and Zeus, you take on the creation and development of an ancient city, building it up from a few grass huts and a well, to a bustling metropolis, complete with pyramids and even the enigmatic edifice herself, the Sphinx.

In the campaign mode, you have to lead your family to the throne of Egypt and there are over 30 missions each with their own unique challenges to overcome. In one mission you might have to transform a barren landscape into an agricultural paradise and in another you will have to fend off enemy forces intent on subjugating your people.

Not only that, but your sim Egyptians have their own wants and needs and are very demanding. You will have to provide enough entertainment, education, healthcare facilities and religious structures for your population otherwise you'll find people will leave your city in droves. The gameplay is challenging without being fiendishly hard and the level of detail is fantastic. If you like Sim City 3000 and want a more historical challenge then Pharaoh and the expansion set Cleopatra are two of the best examples of the genre.

  • Battle against other ancient cultures on land or water
  • Be sure to interact with your citizens. Scribes, Scholars, Priests, Embalmers and more will inform you how wisely you rule
  • The Nile is a fickle friend. Pay careful attention to its flooding to avoid the devastating effects of drought and famine
  • Also this game does not contain the Queen of the Nile Cleopatra expansion pack

Minimum Requirements:

  • Pentium 133mhz or greater
  • CD-ROM: 4x or greater
  • RAM: 32mb or greater
  • Graphics card: 1mb
  • Sound: Windows compatible sound card
  • Mouse & keyboard