Bugs Season / Series 2


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Region 2 is the standard region for the UK, Europe, South Africa and Japan; anywhere else DO NOT ORDER unless you have a multi region DVD player. Region 0 (AKA All Regions or Region Free) works worldwide.

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Season Two of the hi-tech BBC drama starring Craig McLachlan, Jaye Griffiths and Jesse Birdsall continues the investigative adventures of Ed, Ros and Beckett as they track down ruthless assassins and callous saboteurs. Ed (McLachlan) is a helicopter pilot, daredevil climber and a martial arts expert... Ros (Griffiths) is equally at home behind the wheel of a skidding car in a hot pursuit as she is in front of a computer screen and Beckett (Birdsall) is always risking his life, whether imprisoned in a flooded submarine, defeating hi-tech defence systems and defusing time bombs with only seconds on the clock. Their enemies are corrupt politicians, ruthless international criminals, renegade scientists, dictators and megalomaniacs of all kinds!

  • Actors: Jaye Griffiths, Jesse Birdsall, Craig McLachlan, Jan Harvey, Paula Hunt
  • Language: English
  • Region: All Regions
  • Number of discs: 3
  • Classification: PG